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June 6

Spelling words in Italian is easy; there are very few rules, the rules always apply and letters are only pronounced one way. Well, mostly one way; some letters are a little more flexible, but the rules are consistent and unwavering as to how that flexibility works.
The letters in question are “c” and “g”. Normally they are “hard”, as it car or garage. In other circumstances they are soft, as in “church” or “gentle”. What changes their pronunciation is the vowel that follows right after them. If it’s an “a” “o” or “u”, they stay hard, as they do if…

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May 30
Some of you might have noticed I have a fairly pleasant voice. A few folks have even compared me favrourably to the late, great, Canadian legend, Peter Gzowski, whose pleasant, mellifluous voice and style graced the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations for many years.
Those favourable comments about the way I speak led me to try my hand at voice-acting work. I deal with a London, Ontario based company that allows would-be voice-actors like myself to audition for jobs from the comfort of my own home studio. Well, it’s not much of a studio; it’s just a quiet space in the house…

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May 23

I was watching an Arborist (tree surgeon, (or tree-lopper if you’re Australian) working on a tree the other day. With care and precision he removed large limbs and tiny branches from his subject. I was impressed at how he directed their falling so that he was always safe. I was also impressed at the way he would occasionally stand back from his limited view beneath the tree, away from its limbs and foliage so he could gauge his progress and determine when it was time to stop.
I love watching pros like him at work.
I love, as well…

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May 16

We’ve all had those moments. You wander into a room and wonder what you’re supposed to do next. You’re talking to a friend of many years and all of a sudden you can’t remember their name. You think you wrote a brilliant sentence but it makes no sense to other people. You show up five minutes early but two days late for an appointment. You’ve known a particular fact all your life only to realize one day you’ve got it completely backwards. I could go on but, well, I actually can’t, because I can’t think of the other things…

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May 9
I was tasked with replacing a battery in a tiny electronic device. Opening it, I pulled out old power cells, copied down their model number, and a quick search for them on the website of our local hardware store. Drats! There was no such thing in their inventory.
Since I’ve played this game many times before, I turned to Google to see if they were known by other model numbers. Huzzah! I was correct. What I had identified as “G13-A” microcells turned out to have at least 5 other identities. Some of these depended on the manufacturer, others on…

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May 2

I recently had to attempt a repair on our sofa; it’s one of those things that lets you stretch out the seat and have a foot-rest pop out. A La-z-boy, but not that specific brand.
A sofa is a clean thing, I thought. It might get crumbs and the odd beverage spilled on it, but mechanically I expected it to be grease free. After all, looking at the thing, even under a bright light, didn’t reveal any oily or grease spots. There must be some lubrication in order for it to operate smoothly and quietly, but, it’s not a messy…

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April 25

My eclectic choice of virtual and hard-copy reading material ranges from pressing social issues to obscure machinery. Usually the streams are so different they don’t connect, but each adds to my understanding of the world. At times I am challenged and have to rethink things. At times I am affirmed, firming up my foundation of self-knowledge. Whether challenged or affirmed I am sure of one thing: I have fun with my eclectic reading material.
Every once in a while the stars align and a single theme emerges from the variety of articles and sources that feed my curiosity. Recently, “success”…

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April 18

When I was in my teens, I used to go swimming in the big pool at the newly minted Etobicoke Olympium. It featured an Olympic sized swimming pool and two 10 metre diving towers. Every once in a while I would actually jump off from the top of one of the towers, pointing my toes and straightening out my body in order to make a clean entry. I didn’t have quite the courage to do a proper dive, but I was good enough to enter the water safely just jumping in.
When I grew older and finished high-school, I stopped…

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April 11 2021

The recent Pandemic related “zoning” change in our region caused our church Session, (the congregation’s leadership team) to reconsider worshipping in person. At a quick meeting after worship, it was decided to return to virtual services for the next four weeks. It’s a good decision that helps protect everyone and serves as an excellent example of taking responsibility with our little village.
The only problem with this decision is that it was made on Good Friday, leaving me only a day and a half to get everything ready and record the service. Thankfully, all of the paperwork had been…

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April 4th

In Graphic Design, what isn’t there matters as much as what is there. The white space around a bit of text helps the message stand out; the voids between images declutter the page; emptiness is built into a design to provide visual and emotional balance or to direct the eye to where it should go. In a sense, empty places help to fill a design and bring it to life; they are not there by accident; they are deliberate and considered as carefully as the text, images and overall content of a page.
The Cross is the central image of…

John A. Giurin

100% Italian, Born and raised in Canada, Presbyterian Pastor, Maker, Singer, Writer, Musician, Theatre, Married, Father, Learner, choosing Love, he/him

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