In a recent exchange of responses on Medium, I was told I was

“damaged goods”,


“living in fear”,


“sacred”. (They probably meant “scared”, but what the heck, I’ll take something positive out of it.)

In response to the concept that I might be “damaged goods”, I say:


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October 10

There once was a story that “Snopes” claimed was untrue. Snopes is a website devoted to ensuring that supposedly true anecdotes are in fact true. It dispels misinformation whilst confirming what is indeed true and factual.
Recently, “Snopes” got their facts wrong. There’s a story about a man charging a…

tPhoto by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

October 3
You know how every once in a while you spend a whole bunch of time on what appeared to be a great idea only to realize that it wasn’t so great after all?
Yep, that’s where these “Thoughts” are coming from. I just spent the afternoon completing a perfectly composed…

September 26

My daughter, like me, is a technology nerd. We love new things with spinning wheels, shining lights, buttons to push or a combination of all three. So, it’s no wonder she came home with a set of LED lights from the dollar store that were labeled as being waterproof…

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

September 19th

Some people don’t like me. I’ve had folks “unfriend” from Facebook because they found my humour unsuitable. If you’re baffled by “Monty Python” or don’t appreciate the subtlety of sardonic humour, you might not appreciate the things that make me laugh, either.
A few people don’t believe the same things…

faithPhoto by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

September 12

Silence, it is said, is golden. There are a couple of ways of understanding those words. The first is simply keeping quiet in order to avoid saying something dumb. Or, saying it another way, “it is better not to say anything and have people assume you are a fool…

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September 5

The first encounter between a very young child and the family pet must be well orchestrated. The pet has to be calmed down. To a toddler, even the smallest dog can be terrifying if it’s yappy and barky and bouncing around madly. Care must be taken so that the…

hPhoto by Ilham Rahmansyah on Unsplash

July 25 “Aurora”

Starting this Tuesday, July 27, I’ll be taking my holidays. Or, depending on how you like to phrase things, I’ll be on vacation. One way or another, I won’t be working during the month of August.
Now, I know that many consider holidays or vacation as time off from…

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July 18

Potiphar, a pivotal character in Andrew Lloyd Webers “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” appears on stage for less than five minutes. Despite that very brief time on stage, the actor portraying him spends countless hours rehearsing his role. You see the tip of the iceberg when Potiphar changes…

Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash

July 11

This year has been shaped by the COVID 19 Pandemic and what I can only call the “Great Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Invasion”. Let’s call it the GGMCI for short.
The GGMCI saw countless caterpillars crawling on any surface available, making an outdoor walk or sit an uncomfortable experience. Worse than…

John A. Giurin

100% Italian, Born and raised in Canada, Presbyterian Pastor, Maker, Singer, Writer, Musician, Theatre, Married, Father, Learner, choosing Love, he/him

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