We also need to recognize that we are very much a part of the solution in the process of recovery. Whether it’s just being a friend that constantly reminds them of their value and importance, or being the counselor or support group that helps her identify and overcome the demons and hurts that have driven them to substance dependency or abuse, we can help alleviate the burden by being a loving presence in their lives. My mother was an alcoholic and died, as far as the coroner could tell, from alcohol poisoning. I couldn’t prevent that. But as much as I could, I tried to let her know she was loved. Maybe it’s not the ultimate solution, but it’s something we can all do for the people in our lives that succumb to addiction or substance abuse.

100% Italian, Born and raised in Canada, Presbyterian Pastor, Maker, Singer, Writer, Musician, Theatre, Married, Father, Learner, choosing Love, he/him

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